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Looking after your feet is as important as doing that extra rep at the gym. If your feet are in poor condition, then you won’t be able to run that extra kilometer and you definitely won’t be comfortable to stretching your foot for that new dance move. If you want to keep moving, you need to look after them. It’s not just about wearing the right footwear, eating the right foods, it’s about using products that aren’t going to prevent you from walking around the dojo or working out on your yoga mat.

Using a heel balm that requires you to wear socks is likely going to be a slip hazard and will prevent you from doing the activities you are used to doing. Plus, no one wants a remedy that is going to prevent them from living their life. Your best bet is picking a heel balm that doesn’t contain petrochemicals. These are sometimes disguised as mineral oils which are used to prevent water loss from the skin. They can be a major slip hazard unless you are wearing socks with grip on the bottom or, socks and shoes. Petrochemicals will also destroy the elastic in your socks so don’t go wearing your favourite socks while using these!

If you do decide to go the sock and shoe option, please be aware that the environment inside a shoe can get very hot. Sometimes to over 50°C! Heat and humidity changes result in loss of water from the skin and result in a thickening of the top layer of the skin. While the petrochemicals will help prevent the water loss, this thickening (once the heel balm has been washed off) will dry out and more cracks will form due to the pressure on the now thick toughened skin.

The best way to go for a heel balm to help you keep active, be quick, and easy to use, yet effective, is to pick a heel balm that naturally moisturises and has no slip or slide effect so you don’t need to wear socks. This will mean you will be able to continue with your activities while it naturally exfoliates the toughened, thick skin and the natural emollients will moisturise and soften thick, dry skin. This is the reason so many people have been flocking to NS 8 Heel Balm. There is no slip or slide and you can get on with your day after application!

Technology in skincare has come a long way and as such it is best to pick a product that is going to be effective and work best for your lifestyle.


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