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After Sun Care

While everyone knows the importance of using sunscreen prior to going out in the sun, more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of using an after-sun skincare product.

The sun causes UV damage, which not only dries out the skin but also makes it more prone to wrinkles and pigmentation issues. Using an after-sun care product will help skin retain moisture and prolong that glorious tan you just achieved.

However, some after-sun products have rich, thick consistencies and contain oils, which create an emollient barrier on top of the skin. This traps the heat in the upper layers of the epidermis exacerbating the inflammation and ‘burn’ feeling on your skin. Plus, many of the over the counter after-sun products contain chemicals and fragrances which can irritate already damaged skin.
It’s important to ensure the Aloe Vera you use does not contain additives that will exacerbate dryness (like alcohol which can imitate a cooling effect) or keep the heat in the skin (like oil based moisturisers).

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