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Diabetes Support

People with diabetes often experience less sensation, particularly in their feet. This means it is crucial to look after the skin on the feet by using a natural moisturiser that is quickly absorbed by the skin and to avoid using physical abrasion which can damage the skin. A heel balm that contains exfoliants will ensure gentle, gradual removal of dry, cracked skin and eliminate the need for foot files or pumice stones.

Skin provides a protective barrier against infection by secreting natural oils that not only soften skin, but also maintain the normal pH balance to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth. It is vital to prevent dry skin by using a natural moisturiser and cleansing with a soap alternative. A moisturiser that contains natural moisturising factors will be more easily absorbed and therefore more effective. Dry skin can be itchy and result in skin infections and complications such as cellulitis.

Dry skin is more sensitive and therefore it is beneficial to avoid known skin irritants like parabens, propylene glycol, tea tree oil, lanolin and perfumes.

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