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Pigmentation & Age Spot Solutions

Unwanted pigmentation and melasma are skin concerns experienced by many people at some stage in their lives. Pigmentation refers to the pigment in the skin, so is the overarching term used. Hyperpigmentation means the skin looks darker than usual whereas Hypopigmentation means that the skin looks lighter than usual. Pigmentation on the surface of the skin becomes visible as excess melanin moves upwards though the layers of the skin’s epidermis to the skins surface. Pigmentation irregularities occur when UVA radiation damages melanocytes causing them to release melanin irregularly into the skin, either too much or too little and this can happen anywhere on the body, however it is most commonly found on the areas of skin that are exposed to sun, like the face, décolletage, arms and back of the hands.

Pigmentation not only develops due to different causes but also presents in different intensities. Therefore, it is important to find where you are on the pigmentation scale so you can best choose your individual treatment.

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