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About Us

Nutri-Synergy Hong Kong

Nutri-Synergy Hong Kong World Business Healthcare Ltd. is a Hong Kong-based company established in 2008. At the beginning, our business focused on delivering stoma care products to people who had an operation to fit a stoma due to different underlying disease. Due to the resulting poor skin problems in relation to the long-wearing time of stoma products, we purposely found a valued company; Plunkett's Pharmaceutical from Australia who provide solutions for various skin problems. Since then we have not been solely focused on the stoma patient, but our company also provides skincare products to anyone who want to have healthier skin.

Our team includes wound care specialist, registered nurse, and occupational therapists who serve the general public and therefore encounter different skincare cases in their daily life. Our team provides information on products' ingredients, including   when, how, and where to use NS treatments to those who need it. As skin problems affect a wide range of people, the NS treatment range helps people of all ages and skin types to maintain healthy skin.

 In recent years, our team has successfully delivered NS skincare products to the healthcare sectors in Hong Kong. There are many success stories that have been shared with us over the years. With our great enthusiastic team, we promise to bring good service to our customers.

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Australian Owed and Made

Plunkett pharmaceuticals is an Australian own and made company that delivers effective, functional and value driven solutions for skincare problems and concerns.

A skincare staple across many Australian homes, we create solutions to soothe, nurture and care for skin that has been affected by the Australian climate and lifestyle. Our brands are created with the sole purpose of treating specific skincare problems and conditions that are commonly found among Australians. Rich with carefully sourced ingredients and formulated with active extracts at the correct therapeutic levels to deliver effective, pharmaceutical grade solutions, we promise to offer products that deliver real and tangible results, are functional and value-driven, and result in healthier, happier skin.

Superior formulations - effective solutions

  • Over 30 years service to Australian pharmacies

  • Our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • Our brands represent excellent value

  • Our products are problem solving with proven effectiveness

No animal testing

Plunkett Pharmaceuticals believes that the testing of skin care on animals is cruel, unethical and should be banned. Plunkett Pharmaceuticals does not test its products on animals nor do we commission other companies to do so on our behalf. Our products are proudly tested on staff, family and friends.

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