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There are 4 stages to wound healing and we offer a range of products suitable for different levels of wound.

Stage 1: Stop the bleeding (hemostasis) happens immediately after the wound has first happened.

Stage 2: Scabbing over (clotting) should only happen once the wound has been cleaned, usually with a woundcare solution or saline.

Stage 3: Rebuilding (growth and proliferative). A scab forms to protect the wound, however recent studies have found moist wound healing to be the most effective treatments. Hydrogels are usually used in this instance.

Stage 4: Maturation (strengthening). Once the wound no longer has a scab or has healed enough to no longer require a dressing, a high strength Vitamin E can be used to prevent scarring.

Some health conditions may lead to poor wound healing: diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure (hypertension) and vascular disease.

A chronic wound heals very slowly or not at all. If you have a chronic wound that shows no signs of improvement, it is crucial to see a specialist.

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