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Keeping abreast of all things skincare can be something of a minefield for many, and subsequently it can be hard to know what to believe, and what not to. And with copious amounts of conflicting skincare tips and claims coming from beauty brands far and wide, it’s easy to see why consumers are confused.

From salon-standard ingredients to overnight results, while there are a myriad of myths that patrons buy into, there’s one in particular to be aware of when it comes to choosing a brand that delivers on its promise – and that’s the active ingredient level a product claims to have. While the ingredients of a product are – of course – important, a lesser known fact is that so too are the percentages contained within the cream, serum or lotion you’re buying.

And unbeknownst to most, skincare brands are not required to declare the percentage of active ingredients found within their products, which means that those purchasing them are often buying into a falsehood that the product will do what it’s supposed to. This means that while a brand may promise to reduce wrinkles by 50% or boost collagen by a certain amount, if the ingredients aren’t at the correct therapeutic levels for the product to actually be effective according to the claim, the results are likely to be lacklustre at best. What we should be looking for is products that contain the therapeutic level of those ingredients we are revering. Why? If it doesn’t contain the therapeutic level of the ingredient you need then it simply isn’t going to be doing the job it says it will.

And while there are a number of ways in which you can clarify a product’s claims before buying it – from contacting the brand directly to researching online a particular ingredient’s therapeutic levels – a more simplified way of ensuring your selected skincare will yield real results is by choosing a brand that use clinically-proven active ingredients at the correct therapeutic levels.

Which is why at John Plunkett’s, especially our premium range of Super Cosmeceuticals products, we use clinically-proven active ingredients at the correct therapeutic levels for our claims to be valid, and we subsequently know that our much-loved and trusted range of products will continue to deliver, time and time again.


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