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Ever wondered what it is like to be a skincare triallist? Our tester Bec had never thought of herself as a skincare tester until I was looking for a volunteer for our SuperFade Accelerator Serum. I wanted some before and after shots so we could show the world what an amazing product this is. I could have used myself however when I started the product, I forgot to take a before image (typical!) and I wish I had because my results were just as amazing.

So, in came Bec, a friend of mine, who had grown up with a smattering of freckles that had darkened as she grew up (an Australian beach aficionado and after having her first gorgeous little bundle of joy). Bec hadn’t used any product to fade her freckles before, because let’s face it, as a new mum who has time to have a mega regime, so I knew she would be able to show me the power of the product AND its ease of use. I explained to Bec how to add the product to her regime; use a gentle cleanser, SuperFade Accelerator Serum all over the face (avoiding the eye area), moisturise, then for during the day use a good sunscreen for protection while you treat. I made sure Bec was using a sunscreen that was well known for its effectiveness as I didn’t want the sun to make more freckles while we tried to fade the old ones.

Not only was she able to put this routine into practice because of the ease, but she also agreed to take weekly videos of her face for me so I could see how she was going since she lives 2.5hrs away.

Bec told me how she noticed the difference the first time she used the product. Her skin was less dull and her skin felt better. As she continued to video I asked her if she noticed any other differences and she said she wasn’t sure.

Fast forward 5 weeks (due to little ones we ended up meeting again 5 weeks later instead of 4), and I took her final video. I remember when I walked into her house she looked like the Bec I used to hang out with in high school. When I took the videos back to work to compare them I couldn’t get over the difference (see below the before and after stills from the videos), Bec had faded her mild pigmentation dramatically and when I sent her the stills she was blown away. “I didn’t realise the difference while I was using it. Heaps different!!!” said Bec upon seeing them.

Needless to say, she is super keen to be my test bunny for any future products I think will suit her!



Written by Alana Barton


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