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  • Work-damaged hands
  • Very dry cracked hands
  • Rough, calloused hands
  • Frequently washed hands
  • Sore, damaged hands
  • Hands irritated by gloves
  • Split or cracked fingers


Plunkett's NS Working Hands is an intensive cream for very dry, cracked, rough and sore hands. Designed for hard working hand, this repair treatment is non-greasy and non-slip so hands can get back to work fast. Dry, damaged, or calloused hands are nourished and repaired. A unique protective shield guards against further damage, even with hand washing. This fast-absorbing, natural hand cream relieves and repairs hands, so you feel the difference in 1 day.

Concentrated, so a little goes a long way


Size: 150g

NS Working Hands Intensive

  • NS Working Hands contains natural actives which soften callouses, smooth roughness and relieve sore hands.

    Lactic Acid gently exfoliates and removes dead skin and callouses. Vitamin E, Honey, Allantoin and Rosehip Oil promote healing. Kaolin, a natural clay mineral stops hands feeling slippery while Dimethicone creates a protective barrier. Lemon Myrtle Oil creates an uplifting scent. NS Working Hands restores rough, damaged hands to their normal healthy state.


    • Urea is a skin conditioner that maintains moisture balance and seals cracked skin
    • Vitamin E, Honey, Allantoin, Rosehip Oil & Aloe Vera promote skin restoration, replenish moisture, re-hydrate and repair dry hands
    • Lactic Acid exfoliates and removes dead skin and callouses
    • Dimethicone creates a protective coating that shields skin with a non-greasy barrier to prevent the loss of vital oils that leads to cracking and drying out of skin
    • Kaolin is a natural clay mineral that stops skin feeling slippery or greasy
    • Lemon Myrtle Oil is an essential oil with a light, gender neutral, uplifting scent



    • No Petroleum or Petrochemicals
    • No Paraffin
    • No Propylene Glycol
    • No Lanolin
    • No Parabens
    • No Colours
    • No Perfumes
    • No Animal Testing



    • Tradies
    • Gardeners
    • Farmers
    • Gym goers
    • Chefs and cooks
    • Hospitality workers
    • Healthcare professionals and more...


    Natural Dermatology.

    No Petro-Chemicals.

    Australian Made and Owned.

    Recyclable tube.

    Recommended by Healthcare Professionals

    • Diabetes Educators, Nurses and Specialists
    • Lymphoedema Educators and Specialists
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