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  • Podiatrist Recommended
  • Diabetes Friendly
  • Feel the Difference in 1 Day
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Australian Made and Owned

Plunkett's NS 8 Deo Foot and Shoe Spray is a natural, aluminium-free treatment for smelly shoes, sneakers and feet. It contains plant extracts including thyme, sage and rosemary which have natural antiperspirant and deodorant properties.

    NS 8 Deo Foot & Shoe Spray

    • NS 8 Deo Foot and Shoe Spray provides fast, effective and guaranteed relief for smelly shoes and foot odour. It has a unique 4-way action to fight odour causing bacteria, deodorise, refresh tired, smelly feet and provide maximum dry foot protection.



      • Fights odour-causing bacteria
      • Deodorises smelly feet, sneakers and sports shoes
      • Refreshes tired, smelly feet
      • Provides maximum dry foot protection



      • Non-Aerosol - a little goes a long way
      • Fine Mist Spray - won't leave shoes and feet wet
      • Fast Acting - immediately removes odour
      • No Slipping in Shoes - fast drying



      People with diabetes often experience less sensation in their feet and legs. It is vital to prevent injury and treat injuries promptly to avoid complications.

      • Check your feet regularly
      • Don’t walk bare foot
      • Wear shoes that fit well and don’t rub
      • Wash your feet daily and dry between toes
      • Moisturise your feet and legs daily
      • Don’t apply cream between toes
      • Never use physical abrasion on your feet and heels



      • Sugar Cane Alcohol: Alcohol is an antiseptic and is used to sterilise the skin and destroy bacteria present
      • Witch Hazel: Strong antioxidant and astringent that closes pores and reduces perspiration and sebum secretions
      • Zinc Complex: Absorbs the bacteria and chemicals produced by the body which cause odours. It also contains a high concentration of the essential amino acid Lysine which when used in combination with the Zinc, neutralises the effects of excess perspiration
      • Thyme, Sage, Rosemary: These all have natural anti-perspirant and deodorant properties
      • Glycerin & Allantoin: Provide light moisturisation and soothe the skin
      • Tea Tree Oil: Neutralises odours and prevents odour formation


      FREE FROM:

      • No Petroleum or Petrochemicals
      • No Paraffin
      • No Propylene Glycol
      • No Aluminium
      • No Lanolin
      • No Parabens
      • No Colour
      • Not Tested on Animals
      • Vegan Friendly



      • Smelly Feet
      • Shoes and Sneakers
      • Gym Bags, Boxing Gloves, Sports Helmets, Gym Lockers and more
      • Use around the house


      Recommended by Podiatrists, Pharmacists and Healthcare Professionals.

      Suitable for all skin types.

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