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Powerful peptides

What are peptides?
Peptides inclusion in skincare has been one of the big breakthroughs in anti-aging. Peptides work synergistically to mimic the appearance of broken collagen, causing skin to react by producing more collagen, as well as elastin.  As we age the amount of collagen and elastin reduces and our skin sags and wrinkles become more prominent. Peptides send messages to stimulate collagen production.  They mimic the appearance of broken down collagen, causing skin to react by producing more collagen, as well as elastin.  There are many different kinds of peptides that do various things for the skin.  However, they all work with skin for real results.


Why are peptides so important?
Many skin care ingredients claim to add collagen to the skin, but collagen molecules are mostly too large to do anything more than sit on the surface of the skin as they can’t penetrate the skin’s surface.  A better option is to use peptides that can penetrate the skin and prompt the skin to produce more collagen itself.  Peptides help the skin to improve itself by plumping up sagging skin and smoothing out wrinkles from within.




Matrixyl 3000®

The “Peppiest” peptide
This regenerative peptide works with the skin, not just on the surface. It plumps slack skin, firms, smoothes lines and increases elasticity.



Unpacks eye bags
Peptide that helps keep skin stronger and more elastic. Also fights the cause of puffy eyes and dark circles.



The “Hydrator”
Unique combination of ceramides and hexapeptide that reverses dry skin and combats wrinkles. 

The MATRIXYL INSIDE symbol is your guarantee that this product contains the clinically proven concentration to reduce wrinkles by 45% in just 2 months by boosting natural collagen production by 100% and repairing UV damage.

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