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NS Cuticle and Nail Repair
For nail conditions
  •  Rough Cuticles
  •  Damaged Nails
  •  Hangnails
  •  Toenails

NS Protective Hand Cream
For protecting and restoring hands affected by skin conditions
  •  Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis Prone Skin
  •  Dry Skin
  •  Irritated, Problem Skin
  •  Soap Intolerant Skin
  •  Frequently Washed Hands

NS Working Hands Intensive
For repairing hands damaged by the environment
•  Industrial & Commercial: Engineers, Builders
•  Tradies: Construction Workers, Concreters, Electricians, Plumbers Metal Workers, Mechanics, Painters, Welders, Landscapers, Arborists
•  Beauty: Beauticians, Hairdressers, Massage Therapists
•  Hospitality: Bakers, Butchers, Baristas, Chefs, Kitchen Hands, Cleaners
•  Healthcare: Dentists, Doctors, Nurses, Physio Therapists
•  Fitness: Crossfit, Personal Trainers, Body Builders, Athletes, Cyclists, Gymnasts
•  Agriculture: Farmers, Shearers, Milkers, Weed Sprayers
•  General: Housewives, Home Gardeners, Home Handy Men, Students, Anyone with Dry, Cracked and Sore Working Hands, Frequently Washed Hands

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