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Learn more about NS 8 Foot Care​

Why NS 8 Heel Balm is unique




















Podiatrists and NS 8








Podiatrists recommend NS 8 because

  • Feels good and it really works!

  • Absorbs quickly – so patients don’t slide in shoes

  • Non greasy – so patients don’t slip on floors

  • Intensive moisturisation plus exfoliation

  • Ideal for patients with diabetes - no foot files needed

  • NATURAL and PETROLEUM free - peace of mind. (Fissures allow faster absorption of toxic ingredients into the bloodstream)

Diabetes and NS 8

  • People with Diabetes have reduced sensation in their extremities, particularly in their feet

  • Using physical abrasion, such as foot files and pumice stones, is not recommended

  • Skin may be removed unknowingly, which can lead to diabetic foot ulcers which in turn can lead to amputations.

  • NS 8 Heel Balm gently but effectively exfoliates thickened skin without the use of foot files

  • Skin provides a protective barrier against infection by secreting natural oils, such as sebum not only soften skin, but also maintain the normal pH balance to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth

  • NS 8 Heel Balm is an intensive moisturising complex which contains Natural Moisturising Factors which are more easily absorbed and therefore more effective.

NS 8 Heel Balm Complex is the best choice for feet and heels affected by diabetes


Diabetes in Australia... On any given day

Diabetes and Moisturisation

  • It is very important to look after the skin on the feet

  • Dry skin can be itchy and result in skin infections and complications such as cellulitis

  • Dry skin can be prevented by using a natural moisturiser and cleansing with a soap-free wash

  • Dry skin is more sensitive and therefore it may be beneficial to avoid known skin irritants like parabens, propylene glycol, tea tree oil, lanolin, colours and perfumes

  • Natural moisturisers are quickly absorbed by the skin

  • Skin provides a protective barrier against infection by secreting natural oils


NS 8 Heel Balm is natural dermatology














Daily foot care for people with diabetes

  • Wash feet daily with a gentle cleanser and dry between toes

  • Moisturise feet and legs daily with a natural moisturiser

  • Don’t apply cream between toes

  • Avoid walking bare foot

  • Wear shoes that fit well and don’t rub

  • Cotton socks help prevent excessive perspiration

  • Check feet regularly for tinea or infection and treat cuts promptly

  • Take care cutting toenails to prevent ingrown nails and infection

  • Don’t use physical abrasion (foot files or pumice stones) on feet

  • See a podiatrist regularly

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