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Clinically proven results

  • 40% reduction in dark marks
  • 3 way anti-pigment action
  • 7 plant extracts

SuperFade De Pigment Eye Gel-Cream is a supercharged eye treatment that targets pigmentation and discolouration in the delicate eye area with a triple de-pigmenting action.

SuperFade De Pigment Eye Gel-Cream

  • The light gel-cream with cucumber extract refreshes and cools skin instantly while providing long term hydration to visibly reduce wrinkles. The unique combination utilises the power of 7 alpine plant extracts as well as proven skin lighteners to address pigmentation and discolouration, and also combat sun damage - fine lines, redness and dryness. The antioxidant action defends your skin against pollution and environmental stress, while rosehip oil softens skin and increases elasticity. Fragrance free for sensitive skin.


    40% reduction in dark marks


    SYNOVEA HR 0.5%
    Reduces the appearance of pigmentation by working at multiple levels to inhibit melanin activity deep in the skin. Protects skin against oxidative and sun damage. Also helps preserve collagen and softens and smooths skin.

    Vitamin B3 visibly improves hyperpigmentation, redness and uneven skin tone, while supporting the skin's barrier and boosting collagen.

    Natural skin brightener consisting of 7 plant extracts. Significantly reduces the colour intensity of age spots and increases skin luminosity.

    Unique blend of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to both improve the look and feel of the skin as well as penetrate and bind water, plumping and hydrating the skin.

    Natural emollient rich in Vitamin A, C and fatty acids.  Softens and smoothes skin, improves elasticity and firms skin.

    Helps reduce puffiness, redness and dark circles under eyes.

    •  Fragrance free for sensitive skin
    •  Suitable for all skin types
    •  Pigmentation and discolouration of the eye contour as well as dullness, fine lines, redness and dry skin.

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